Blue Boy

Manuel Abramovich, Argentina, 2019, 19 min, OmeU

Sunday 3.11. – 15 Hs. – Wolf Kino, Berlin

What are you up to tonight? Do you want me? We could have fun together…
Seven Romanian male-to-male sex workers in Berlin have their portraits taken as they listen and react to recordings of their own experiences. By turning the process of exploitation into a spectacle, the camera becomes a client highlighting the inevitable performativity of such power relations.

Director’s Note

I wanted to make a series of portraits of sex workers applying the same rules of the sex trade.
To place emphasis on the performativity of such dynamics and to create an experiment in which the roles of everyone involved (protagonists, audience, myself) were interchangeable.
What would it be like for these young men to take distance from the character they play? How would they react to their own stories?


Director: Manuel Abramovich
Cinematographer: Manuel Abramovich
Creative Producer: Bogdan Georgescu
Editor: Cătălin Cristuțiu
Sound: Francisco Pedemonte
Color Grading: Luisa Cavanagh
Producer: Manuel Abramovich
Associate Producer: Werkleitz Center
Research Collaboration: Santiago Di Lella
Translations and subtitles: Marius Bogdan, Laura-Maria Ilie, Lorenzo Anzoátegui, Flavius Augustin, Michel Steinberg, Julien Sialelli, Catalin Jugravu.
With: Florin, Michel, Razvan, Stefan, Mihail, Marius, Rafael, Roberto


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