Silence is a Falling Body

Agustina Comedi, Argentina, 2017, 75 min, OmeU

Saturday 2.11. – 17 Hs. – Wolf Kino, Berlin


Jaime recorded everything, even his own death. Her daughter received from him more than one hundred hours of home videos and many uncertainties. As many people of his generation, Jaime led a clandestine life. In his case, probably twice at the same time.
The images recorded by Jaime are reinterpreted, giving room to questions about desire, sexuality, family and freedom. “Silence is a Falling Body” is the trip to an intimate and filial past, but also to a political one.


After my father died, the details of his life got lost in silence. My need to get to know him, reveals a story marked by sexuality and political activism.

Director’s statement

For many years making this movie was for me a dilemma. How to tell your own story when it’s also the story of others? Why reveal secrets that were so carefully hidden? Why make others talk about what is obviously difficult for them to say? A few years ago, when the same-sex marriage laws were enacted in Argentina, an activist said that this victory was not only ours, because we were walking on other people’s footsteps. Everyone in my movie and in my story has left a print. Together, we have built a net of affection and activism that I hope watching “Silence is a Falling Body” helps to spread.


Screenwriter: Agustina Comedi
Producer: Juan Maristany
Director of photography: Agustina Comedi
Camera: Agustina Comedi, Benjamín Ellenberger, Ezequiel Salinas
Editing: Valeria Racioppi
Post Production: Guido Deniro
Art Design: Agustín Ceretti
Festivals & Sales: María Vera (Kino Rebelde)
Produced by El Calefón


Special Mention, Human Rights Competition
BAFICI, Buenos Aires Int’l Independent Film Festival . Argentina (2018)
Best Long Feature
FICIC, Cosquín Int’l Independent Film Festival. Argentina (2018)
Palermo Pride Award
Sicilia Queer Film Fest. Italy (2018)
Best Feature Film
General Pico National Film Festival. Argentina (2018)
Best Documentary Feature
Lima Film Festival. Peru (2018)
Best Feature Film
VoxFeminae Festival. Croatia (2018)
Best Feature Film
Tandil Cine, Argentinian Film Festival. Argentina (2018)
Best Feature Film
DocsBarcelona Valparaíso. Chile (2018)
Best Feature Film, National Competition
Asterisco, International LGBTQ Film Festival. Argentina (2018)
First Film Prize
Jean Rouch International Film Festival. France (2018)
Best Feature Film
L’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival. Spain (2018)
Best Feature Film, ‘Nuevos Lenguajes’ Competition
Antofacine, International Film Festival. Chile (2018)
Best Documentary Feature
El Lugar sin Límites, LGBT Film Festival. Ecuador (2018)
Best Documentary Feature
Under Our Skin, Human Rights Film Festival. Bolivia (2018)
Jury Special Mention, DOK Section
Bilbao International LGBTQ Film and Performing Arts Festival. Spain (2019)
Special Mention
FIPRESCI, International Federation of Film Critics. Argentina (2019)
Best Documentary Feature
Premios Cóndor. Argentina (2019)


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