7 years have passed since the first INVASION took place in Berlin. 53 feature films, 17 short films, performances in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe and Buenos Aires, parties, live music, poetry readings, food, wine, guest directors, discussions on film. In the year of pandemics, we didn’t want to miss out and that is why we went online. The experience allowed us to expand throughout Germany and we were happy to think that we were able to bring the films we love to more places and people than ever before.

Q&A con los directores

Entrevistas  online en directo con la directora Clarisa Navas y el director Ezequiel Radusky.


The Lunchroom

We talked with the director, Ezequiel Radusky, the lead actress, Liliana Juarez, and the costume designer, Sandra Fink. The talk was in Spanish and the audience was also able to ask questions through the chat.
Moderator: Julieta Zarankin


One in a Thousand

We talked with the director, Clarisa Navas. The talk was in Spanish and the public was also able to ask questions via chat.
Moderator: Julieta Zarankin



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