Invasion Berlin 2015


Argentine cinema invades Berlin for the second time

For 7 days, in the historic Cine Moviemento, 7 feature films and 8 short films highlighted the stimulating and diverse current state of Argentine cinema. INVASION is a celebration, but also a meeting point for the inhabitants of the German capital to get closer to Argentine culture.

In its second edition, INVASION offered the viewers a stimulating panorama of contemporary Argentinean cinema, a landscape full of details: different stories, different forms, new structures and rhythms. By screening 15 films, INVASION puts the tension in its programming, allowing the spectator to go through the themes, discussions, searches and concerns of the contemporary Argentine cinematography (and society) from the films’ perspectives.

El incendio

Juan Schnitman, 2015, Arg., 95 min., OmeU

El pasado roto

M. Morgenfeld y S. Schjaer, 2015, Arg., 16 min, OmeU

La princesa de Francia

Matias Piñeiro, 2014, Arg., 70 min, OmeU


Ignacio Masllorens, 2014, Arg., 4:44 min, OmeU

Si je suis perdu, c’est pas grave

Santiago Loza, 2014, Arg., 95 min, OmeU


María Alché , 2014, Arg., 25 min, OmeU

La Salada

Juan Martín Hsu,  2015, Arg, 92 min, OmeU

The Mad Half Hour

Leonardo Brzezicki, 2015, Arg., 22 min, OmeU

El perro Molina

José Celestino Campusano, 2014, Arg., 88 min, OmeU

Pude ver un puma

Eduardo Williams, 2011, Arg., 17 min, OmeU


Hernán Roselli, 2014, Arg., 80 min, OmeU

Mujer 100 Cabezas

Paulo Pécora,  2015, Arg., 12 min, OmeU

Enfrentar animales salvajes

Jerónimo Quevedo, 2015, Arg., 8 min, OmeU

Juana a los doce

Martín Shanly, 2014, Arg., 75 min, OmeU

La reina

Manuel Abramovich, 2013, Arg., 19 min, OmeU

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