8 years have passed since the first INVASION in Berlin. 56 feature films, 18 short films,
screenings in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe and Buenos Aires, parties, live music, poetry recitals, food, wine, guest directors, film discussions. The pandemic led us to try the online format, which allowed us to stay and expand throughout Germany. This year, as the cases goes up, our desire to share films with you doesn‘t go down, that’s why we’ve chosen 7 recently produced films that you will be able to watch online between 3 and 12 December.

Watch Movies ONLINE

We use the Vimeo On Demand platform for the exhibition of the festival films. You can use computers, Apple or Android smartphones, Chromecast or Apple TV and several different types of Smart TVs.

Invasion Berlin is possible thanks to

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