Invasion Berlin 2014

Buenos Aires – Berlin

In September 2014, Argentine culture, hand in hand with the cinema, visited the German capital. Starting with the screening of 10 films, various cultural activities took place in various parts of the city.

For a month, various artistic disciplines crossed paths, strengthening and generating multiple and unexpected connections that presented a current and dynamic panorama of contemporary Argentine culture.

Through the works of more than 40 artists, the inhabitants of Berlin had the possibility to access the variety and richness of current cultural expressions in different scenarios, which in turn implied a tour of Berlin. The emblematic Babylon cinema in Mitte, various established galleries and new art spaces in Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln, the bookstore La Rayuela, as well as the restaurants Sudaka bei Chakall and Gloria Bar, were the venues for this festival.


Hugo Santiago, 1969, Arg., 123 min., OmeU


Matías Piñeiro, 2012, Arg., 65 min, OmeU

El camino del vino

Nicolás Carreras, 2012, Arg., OmeU

Martín Blazko III

Ignacio Masllorens, 2011, Arg., 70 min, OmeU


Nicolás Pridivera, 2007, Arg., 150 min, OmeU

Café de los Maestros

Miguel Kohan, 2008, Arg., 90 min, OmeU

Los posibles

Santiago Mitre y Juan Onofri Barbato, 2013, Arg, 55 min, OmeU


Rubén Guzmán, 2012, Arg., 55 min, OmeU

El artista

Mariano Cohn y Gastón Duprat, 2008, Arg., 110 min, OmeU


Gastón Solnicki, 2008, Arg., 67 min, OmeU