How to watch the Films On Line

We use the Vimeo On Demand platform for the exhibition of the festival films. We decided to use Vimeo because it is a well-known company in the world of Video On Demand, its servers are safe and the information transmitted to them respects the policies of protection of private information.

The viewing format is called “Rent”, which means that you can watch the different films for free for a period of 72 hours (the duration of the festival). You can have a promotional code that will give you free access to these films, but only if you access from the INVASION website. Of course we recommend that you access from our website, so that you can obtain this benefit.

There are two films premiering this year at Invasion Berlin 2020. These films have an entry fee of €3 each. In both cases you can watch the films for a period of 24 hours, on December 4th and 5th respectively.

The commercial transaction is done through Vimeo, who provides the secure platform to charge the fee. It is possible to pay by credit card directly or through the Paypal platform.

Vimeo requires your registration to use it. You can easily access Vimeo with your Facebook, Gmail, Apple account or with your name and email.

You can read Vimeo’s privacy policy at this link

Invasion Berlin does not store any data without your permission.

Compatible devices

Vimeo supports a large number of devices that allow you to watch the Festival films in the comfort of your home. If you have doubts about the compatibility of your device you can access the following instructions:

– Smart televisions and platforms compatible with Vimeo On Demand – (instructions in English) click her

– Play Vimeo On Demand movies from your Smartphone with Chromecast or AirPlay – (instructions in English) click here

Dispositivos compatibles

Vimeo soporta una gran cantidad de dispositivos que permiten ver las peliculas del Festival en la comodidad de tu casa. Si tenes dudas de la compatibilidad de tu dispositivo podes acceder a los siguientes instructivos.

  • Televisiones inteligentes y plataformas compatibles con Vimeo On Demand – (instrucciones en inglés) haga click aquí
  • Reproducir las peliculas de Vimeo On Demand desde tu Smartphone con Chromecast o AirPlay – (instrucciones en inglés) haga click aquí