Invasion Berlin 2023

Ten years have passed since the first edition of INVASION. It was 2014 and for the first time Argentine culture, with film at its core, burst into the city of Berlin and was available in different cinemas and locations for a whole month. With each subsequent edition, the festival took different forms, moving houses and skins: changing cinemas, cities, formats. Invasion was always open and permeable to the possibilities and changes of the times. After the pandemic, we have left the online format behind to return to the form of encounter we like best: in person at the cinema, face to face. In 2023, instead of a festival, we will hold two special events: one in May, at the Passage Kino, and one in August, at the Humboldt Forum.

We were thrilled to return to Passage Kino, together with Instituto Cervantes, Latinale and Grandfilm, to present the preview of Laura Citarella’s third feature film, Trenque Lauquen, on 31 May. The film, which is supported by Berlinale’s World Cinema Fund, celebrates the joy of storytelling and draws on genres as diverse as crime novel, love story, film noir and mystery drama. Since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival last year, the film has made its way and has been showered with awards and praises.

Laura Citarella, her protagonist and producer Ezequiel Pierri and Stefan Butzmühlen, co-producer and distributor of the film in Germany, were with us at the cinema, presenting the film, answering our questions and sharing Argentine wines, empanadas and some sweet treats (thanks to our sponsors!).

On Saturday, August 19, we will be at the Humboldt Forum to present in a single screening, for the first time in the cinema – and open air! – in Berlin, the Oscar-nominated film Argentina, 1985, directed by Santiago Mitre, starring Ricardo Darín and Peter Lanzani. The film is inspired by the true story of the prosecutor Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo and their young legal team who dared to prosecute, against the clock and under constant threat, the top leaders of Argentina’s last military dictatorship in the so-called Trial of the Juntas in the mid-1980s.

To present the film we have a very special guest: Dario Sztajnszrajber. The philosopher, lecturer and writer will give a talk before the screening, discussing issues related to the film and the concept of democracy, from a philosophical perspective. The talk will be in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into English.

This screening of INVASION is part of a programme called BOX OFFICE AROUND THE WORLD, in which, during 3 weekends in August, six current film productions are presented, which were box-office-hits in their countries of origin: Nigeria, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Argentina.

We look forward to seeing you on 19 August at 7:30hs in the Schlüterhof of the Humboldt Forum!

The Intruder

Argentina, 1985

Santiago Mitre – 2022 – Argentina – 140 Min. – Spanish with English subtitles (OmeU)

The Intruder

Trenque Lauquen

Laura Citarella – 2022 – Argentina/Germany – 1st. Part: 128 Min. / 2nd. Part: 132 Min. – Spanish with German subtitles (OmU)

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