Trenque Lauquen
Laura Citarella - 2022 - Argentina/Germany - 1st Part: 128 Min. / 2nd Part: 132 Min. - Spanish with German subtitles (OmU)


Laura, a young biologist from Buenos Aires, comes to the provincial town of Trenque Lauquen for a research assignment – and suddenly disappears. Two men set out to find her, both love this woman, both don’t understand why she left. Does the Russian author Alexandra Kollontai, whom Laura read last, play a role? What is it about the mysterious correspondence Laura found hidden in the books of the local library? While the two men set out on their trail and make guesses, an eerie discovery in the lake of the local park keeps the people of the small town on their toes…

With her third feature film, Laura Citarella celebrates the joy of storytelling and draws on genres as diverse as detective story, love story, film noir and mystery drama with a touch reminiscent of David Lynch. Citarella is a member of the Argentinian film collective El Pampero Cine, which in 2018 brought us the cinematic marvel LA FLOR, brimming with ideas.


Argentina/Germany 2022, First Part: 128 Min./Second Part: 132 Min., Spanish with German subt.
Direction: Laura Citarella, Script: Laura Citarella, Laura Paredes
Director of Photography: Agustín Mendilaharzu, Inés Duacastella, Yarará Rodriguez
Editor: Miguel de Zuviría, Alejo Moguillansky
Art Direction: Laura Caligiuri
Wardrobe: Flora Caligiuri
Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
Sound: Marcos Canosa
Production: Laura Citarella, Ezequiel Pierri, Ingrid Pokropek – El Pampero Cine
Co-Production: Stefan Butzmühlen, Mikosch Horn, Patrick Horn – Grandfilm
Line Producer Germany: Caroline Kirberg, funded by World Cinema Fund (WCF)

Festivals and Awards:

  • Venice Internation Film Festival 2022 – Orizzonti – World Premiere
  • Mar del Plata Film Festival 2022 – Best Latin American Film, Alta Definición Argentina Award, Eva Landeck Award
  • New York Film Festival 2022 – Main Slate
  • San Sebastian Film Festival 2022 – Zabaltegi-Tabakalera
  • Hainan International Film Festival 2022 – Best Film
  • D’A Barcelona Film Festival 2023 – Audience Award: Best Film
  • Filmfest Hamburg 2022 –German Premiere
  • Around The World In 14 Films Berlin
  • International Cinephile Society Awards – Best Film, Best Direction, Best Original Script, Best Cast
  • New Directors/New Films 2023 – Lincoln Centre, New Your City

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