Invasion Berlin 2020

4.- 5.- 6. / 12 / 2020

Online for all Germany

In its 7th edition, the Argentinean Film Festival in Berlin expanded in its online version to the whole of Germany. The programme included 6 selected films from each of the previous editions, specially presented by their directors, which could be seen for free during the whole weekend of the 5th and 6th of December, and 2 recently produced films that were shown on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of December, followed by a live interview with the directors, which the audience took part in.

All films were in original language with English subtitles.

One in a Thousand

Clarisa Navas, 2020, Argentina / Germany, 120 min, OmeU

The Lunchroom

Ezequiel Radusky, 2019, Arg, 78 min, OmeU

The Faculties

Eloisa Soláas, 2019, Arg, 82 min, OmeU

The Future Ahead

Constanza Novick, 2017, Arg, 84 min, OmeU

The Movement

Benjamín Naishtat, 2016, Arg, 70 min, OmeU

The Pretty Ones

Melisa Liebenthal, 2016, Arg, 77 min, OmeU

Dog Molina

José Celestino Campusano, 2014, Arg, 88 min, OmeU

The Possible Ones

Santiago Mitre & Juan Onofri Barbato, 2013, Arg, 55 min, OmeU


The Lunchroom

We talked with the director, Ezequiel Radusky, the lead actress, Liliana Juarez, and the costume designer, Sandra Fink. The talk was in Spanish and the audience was also able to ask questions through the chat.

Moderator: Julieta Zarankin


One in a Thousand

We talked with the director, Clarisa Navas. The talk was in Spanish and the public was also able to ask questions via chat.
Moderator: Julieta Zarankin

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