The Possible Ones
Santiago Mitre & Juan Onofri Barbato, 2013, Arg, 55 min, OmeU


Seven young men gather in what seems to be an abandoned place. They look at each other, analyse each other, recognise each other, measure each other. The music pushes underneath, the static moves, the dance explodes, and the force of the movement can do anything. The film is the record of the dance work Los Posibles/The Possible Ones. It is a crossover work between cinema and stage, between camera and moving bodies, between dance and social work. A crossing that is at the origin of the process, but which chooses not to enunciate, but to transform.

Cast & Crew

Argentina, 2013
51 min.
Director: Santiago Mitre & Juan Onofri Barbato
Choreography: Juan Onofri Barbato
Cinematography: Fernando Lockett
Editing: Delfina Castagnino / Susana Leunda
Cast: Lucas Araujo, Jonathan Da Rosa, Jonathan Carrasco, Daniel Leguizamón, Alejandro Alvarenga, Alfonso Barón, Pablo Kun Castro.
Production: Agustina Llambi Campbell


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