The Faculties
Eloisa Soláas, 2019, Arg, 82 min, OmeU


Students of different careers prepare to take final exams. Botany, anatomy, sociology, medieval philosophy, criminal law, morphology, theoretical physics and piano. Each one uses their own abilities to cope with the situation of oral exposure, the most common evaluative practice in the National Universities of Argentina
Throughout the waiting moments in the halls, between the drama and the absurdity of each exam, the subjects begin to find unexpected relationships.

Director’s note

Due to my own experience in university, first as a student and later as a teacher, I started thinking about this documentary a while ago. I am drawn to the situation of evaluation because it contains such a heightened sense of reality and I’ve always been fascinated by the possibility of filming it.

At the time of taking an exam in addition to accounting for the specific contents of a subject, interpretive powers are played that throughout a career seek to become part of the skin and identity of the individual.

I found the possibility of thinking and observing the most political aspects around education and  access to knowledge.

I am also interested in the possibility that this film can also be read in a didactic way, and that its different subjects can also connect in unexpected manners.

Cast & Crew

Argentina, 2019
77 min.
Director: Eloísa Solaas
Cinematography: Esteban Clausse
Editing: Pablo Mazzolo, Eloísa Solaas
Production: Eloísa Solaas, Paula Zyngierman, Esteban Clausse, Maravilla Cine

Festivals & Awards

W.I.P. – Prize “Best Latin American film (in development)”.
FIDOCS Festival.
Best director- Official Selection BAFICI, 2019.
ASA Award (Asociación Sonidistas Argentinos) for the best sound – BAFICI, 2019
Special mention SAE / EDA to the assembly. BAFICI, 2019

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