The Future Ahead
Constanza Novick, 2017, Arg, 84 min, OmeU


A portrait of a friendship that spans through time. The Future Ahead explores the complex, and often intricated, ways that women connect with their children, with their parents, with their partners, and especially with each other. Constanza Novick’s view of these relationships is as intelligent and honest as it is candid and fun, generating empathy and complicity without falling into commonplaces or easy solutions.

Cast & Crew

Argentina, 2017
84 min
Director: Constanza Novick
Script: Constanza Novick

Cinematography: Julián Apezteguia
Editing: Rosario Suárez, Gonzalo del Val
Cast: Dolores Fonzi, Pilar Gamboa, Jose María Yazpik, Valeria Lois, Flor Dyszel, Charo Dolz Doval, Victoria Parrado, Esteban Bigliardi, Federico León
Production: 4L, Picnic, HD Argentina

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