Death will come and it shall have your eyes
Luis Torres – 2019 - Chile/Argentina/Alemania – 90 min. – Español con subtítulos en inglés (OmeU) – Presentada con el apoyo de Latinale e Instituto Cervantes


Two women that have shared a lifetime together, find themselves facing the imminent illness of one of them. The sick woman decides against going through any treatment and they move to a small cottage in the woods to wait for death to come into their lives. Thus, they will take up again the love that time and routine had buried. Little by little, they fortify their relationship, while outside the cottage, death awaits its moment.


Chile / Argentina / Alemania, 2019
90 min
Direction: José Luis Torres Leiva.
Script: José Luis Torres Leiva.
Cinematography: Cristián Soto.
Art direction: Catalina Devia.
Sound: Claudio Vargas.
Cast: Amparo Noguera, Julieta Figueroa
Production: Catalina Vergara.
Co-production: Paulo Carvalho and Constanza Sanz Palacios
Production house: Globo Rojo Films
Co-production house: Autentika Films, CSP Films

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