Flora’s life is no picnic
Iair Said, Argentina, 65’, 2019


Flora Schvartzman is a 90-year-old single woman who wishes to die since the day she was born. Estranged from her family, she comes into contact again in order to organize her own death. Iair, his great-nephew, is the first one to become interested in her and above all… in herheirless apartment.


I have always felt drawn to relate with elderly people. Since I was little, I always felt a kind of melancholia towards their lives. Their past. Their monotonous present and above all, their aspirations regarding the future. What can an old person wait for? At what age does a person become “an old person”? And if even I am afraid of death, what can an old person feel as they see death closer than me? After a number of family conflicts, life gave me my aunt Flora back, at a moment full of existential doubts towards my own life. I started to record her with my camera and discovered that Flora didn’t live her life as any mortal would… she had already started to transit death. This documentary talks about death in life, about the concretion of my own wishes at the expense of exposing my own human miseries, but above all, it talks about blood kin. It is a documentary about family.


Cast: Adriana Schvartzman – Flora Schvartzman – Iair Said
Director: Iair Said
Producers: Eugenia Campos Guevara – Flor Efron– Iair Said
Production company: Gentil
Editor: Flor Efron
Original music: Matías Schiselman – Fernando Martino
Sound mix: Jésica Suarez – Diego Hernán Marcone
Image postproduction: Lahaye post
Graphic design: Pepita Sandwich


W.I.P. Bienal de Arte joven de Buenos Aires
Robert Flaherty Film Seminar Award
Best feature film – Fondo metropolitano de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
World premiere: BAFICI 2018 (Argentine Competition)

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