God’s Children
Martín Farina – 2021 – Argentina – 69 min. - English and Spanish, with English and Spanish subtitles (OmeU)


Francisco and Sol were raised off the grid in a religious community called “The International Family”. In an attempt to liberate their voices and reconfigure the puzzle of subjectivity, the film recovers a past that returns through their memories to expose facts that had been denied.


Argentina, 2021
69 min
Direction: Martin Farina.
Script: Martin Farina.
Cast: Francisco Cruzans, Sol Cruzans, Silvia Markus.
Cinematography: Martin Farina.
Edition: Martin Farina.
Edition Consulting: Lucía Torres Minoldo (Eda)
Camera: Martin Farina, Tomás Fernández Juan, Javier Ramallo.
Sound Postproduction: Gabriel Santamaria
Production: Mercedes Arias, Martin Farina.

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