Incident Light
Ariel Rotter – 2015 – Argentina – 95 min. – Spanish with English subtitles


Argentina in the 1960s. Luisa has lost her husband and brother in a car accident and must now look after her twin girls alone. Her mother supports her as best as she can, but the women agree that the two girls will soon need a real family again. When the charming Ernesto enters her life, Luisa is immediately attracted to the mature suitor. Soon he proposes to her. Luisa is still grieving the loss of her husband and under pressure to build a stable life for her daughters, so she doesn’t even dispute Ernesto’s request. But does he have ulterior motives she doesn’t know about? In brilliant black and white images, the drama tells the dilemma of a single woman and exposes the inner workings of a family.


Argentina, 2015 95 min Director: Ariel Rotter Script: Ariel Rotter Director of Photography: Guillermo Nieto Producers: Juan Pablo Miller, Ariel Rotter Cast: Érica Rivas, Susana Pampin, Marcelo Subiotto, Elvira Onetto, Rosana Vezzoni, Roberto Suárez, Greta und Lupe Cura Language: Spanish (with Eng. subt.) Genre: Drama  

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