Ulises Rosell - 2021 – Argentina – 92 min. - Spanish with English subtitles (OmeU)


With an unmistakable humour, Marcos López has transformed Latin American photography since his emergence in the 1980s. Portraitist par excellence, he opens his intimacy to us in a neurotic process of changes and infinite changes.


Argentina, 2021
92 min
Direction: Ulises Rosell
Script: Ulises Rosell, Marcos López.
Cinematography: Alejo Maglio.
Sound Director: Federico Esquerro.
Setting: Andrés Tambornino.
Music: Gonzalo Córdoba.
Cast: Marcos López, Juana “Chopi” Rodríguez de López, Aliona Esquenazi Garcia, Aarón Echevarría Esquenazi.
Production: Araquen Rodriguez, Esteban Lucangioli, Ulises Rosell y Oficina de Proyectos.
Production House: Pelícano Cine, Ulises Rosell.
Colorist: Diego Burlando.
Executive Producer: Araquen Rodriguez, Esteban Lucangioli.

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